Month: September 2022

Undergrounding Cables Could Help Coastal Regions Withstand Extreme Weather Events

While excessive heat waves and monster storms remind us of the effects of global warming, a new study concludes that these effects can be mitigated. In July 2022, scientists from Princeton University and the Huazhong University of Science and Technology in Wuhan, China, published the results of their study in the journal Nature. “Tropical cyclone-blackout-heatwave … Read more

Inspired Ideas for Inverters: The new technology we need to meet today’s clean-energy goals

We’ve all read about the large quantity of new renewable energy and storage resources we’ll need to add to the nation’s grid to achieve the goal of 100% climate-friendly energy generation. Getting those projects designed, approved and built will be a heavy lift, especially considering aggressive state and national timelines for reaching carbon-reduction targets. But … Read more